About the Foundation

About the Sebastiani Theatre Foundation

A group of Sonoma Valley residents launched the Foundation on the 75th anniversary of the Sebastiani Theatre, April 7, 2009. Our Foundation is not a membership organization. Donations made are fully tax deductible for the donor, as we are a Charitable Foundation with a 501 (C) (3) status.

The Foundation's mission is to preserve, enhance and maintain the Sebastiani Theatre for community entertainment and education for current and future generations.

The Need to Raise Money for the Sebastiani Theatre:

Box office receipts don't provide enough revenue to cover the costs of maintaining a 80-year-old building. Community support is necessary to keep the theater economically viable, due to high maintenance and operational costs.

Our Goals:

We have successfully raised the capital to have a modern heating and air conditioning system installed.

Our next projects include updating the exit doors, renewing the seating and handicapped access.

80th Anniversary